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Rule 1

When placing an order, you are required to properly complete the personal data form, we are not responsible for incorrectly sent shipments due to an error in the address that resulted on the buyer's side.

Rule 2

After placing your order, it's impossible to cancel and refund your money.

Rule 3

The customer is required to correctly select products, in the event of a mistake in many cases it may not be possible to make any changes. If you make a mistake, you can swap products in your order only if two conditions are met. First, you must email us as soon as possible. If the support person reads the message in time, corrections will be made. Secondly, the difference in the amount in favor of the buyer will not be refunded. Choose products in such a way that the amount is similar to the first version of the order.

Rule 4

We do not sell via e-mail, only via the website.

Rule 5

We reserve the right to process the order longer than usual. In extreme cases, such as e.g. the lack of a selected product in stock.

Rule 6

Tracking for the shipment is made available through our website. WE DO NOT SEND TRACKINGS BY E-MAIL !

Rule 7

In case your parcel is lost and you want to use reship, you must select this option when selecting the delivery method.

Rule 8

We are not responsible for shipments intercepted by customs. This is a situation that does not depend on us. Our shipments are packed according to highest security standards.